Media and official evidence of “butchering” Slavic people in Kosovo for human organs- Why the West ignored these atrocities !?

Media and official evidence of „butchering“ Slavic people in Kosovo for human organs- Why the West ignored these atrocities !?

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Exposed: how Kosovo Serbs were butchered for organs


Former chief prosecutor at the International Court of Justice in the Hague has given details of suspected atrocities by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1999. Carla Del Ponte’s book ‘The Hunt: Me and War crimes’ claims that before killing Serbs and members of other ethnic communities, Kosovo Albanians removed their organs to sell for transplants.




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Spanish pilots of NATO fighter jets over Yugoslavia admit that NATO deliberately attacked civilian targets

Key extracts from the Spanish weekly: “Articulo 20” No. 30, June 14, 1999:

The pilots of Spanish planes who participated in bombing raids against Yugoslavia do not feel like “supermen”, but accuse NATO of having honored with medals the bombing of civilian targets, what they otherwise name “collateral damages”.

“… the majority, of my colleagues, even if not all, are against the war in general and against this war of barbarity in particular.” Martin de la Hoz says that he and his colleagues “are burnt out”.

”  our worst enemies are our own authorities, the Defense Minister and his whole team, the members of the Government, who know nothing about war and go along with it without informing themselves about anything and, what is gravest, are guilty of lying to the Spanish people through the papers, radio and television, foreign correspondents and press agencies.”

“NATO’s repeated bombings of civilian victims and non-military targets are not the result of war “errors”:  Captain Martin de la Hoz: “Several times our Colonel protested to NATO commanders why they select targets which are not military targets. They threw him out with curses saying that we should know that the North Americans will lodge a complaint by the Spanish Army() But what I say now is nothing compared to what I shall have to say when the time comes.”

Government’s lies

The President of the Government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Defense Minister are lying brazenly each time they talk about the war. (…) Solana is a puppet who has been put there by the Yankees to do what they tell him he has to do. (…)

On the subject of manipulation of information about the war, Captain de la Hoz says that “no one has said anything about the incidents that took place in Aviano (NATO air base), about the disastrous maintenance of Spanish machinery, and above all about the constant humiliations to which we were subjected from the beginning. Not that we were cannon food. No. We were nothing. About the fatal accidents, the losses suffered without connection to combat, the contempt and sanctions, not a word. From no one!”

(…)”… that we are there to cover up the North American generals who are dealing and wheeling in the war. There is no journalist who has the slightest idea what is happening in Yugoslavia.

They are destroying the country, bombing it with novel weapons, toxic nerve gases, surface mines dropped with parachute, bombs containing uranium, black napalm, sterilization chemicals, sprayings to poison the crops and weapons of which even we still do not know anything. The North Americans are committing one of the biggest barbarities that can be committed against humanity.

This war is going to cost the Spaniards more than all money allocated for culture in the last five years. And (…) this brutal (…) Yankees’ war, is going to be paid by all of us.

Original, full text in Spanish, and English is below.

According to the Kosovo war peace treaty a peaceful mutual co-existence of all ethnic groups should be provided by the NATO and international troops, the country should be de-militarized – instead, in opposite, the former drug dealer gangs have been transformed by western secret services into the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army” KLA, became the Police in Kosovo, and virtually all Serbs were by murder, beating expelled from Kosovo – this first and real ethnic cleansing in Kosovo:


Bombing  of RTS-Building in Belgrade, the National RADIO & TV of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, many journalists and other people died:


NATO bombed the Zastava car factory, who delivered the whole Balkans with cheap, easy to repair cars, so that western car makers had no chance to enter the market:


Virtually any bridge in Yugoslavia has been destroyed. They normally contain electrical and telecommunication line, water and gas pipes so that an effective damage is reached.Image

The only and first “ethnic cleansing” in Kosovo: The Serb, Roma and other minorities are expelled, since KLA attacked and killed them – NATO turned the KLA drug dealer gang and terrorists into the Kosovo police:Image



Orchestrated war propaganda of massacres which were planned by Bill Clinton in advance

-the so – called Srebrenica massacre was the plan of  the war criminal and USPresident Bill Clinton:Image

same story with Rugova massacre or the “Kosovo war”- igniting Racak-fake massacre, were in fire exchange killed KLA fighters were sold to the media as massacred civilians.


At the beginning of the three months bombing campaign the slogan was “Bombing Milosevic into stone age” – a few days later, they turned the slogan to “targeted bombing of Serb military targets”, since resistance against the war did grow: Image

Military losses were poorly reported:Image

Again Yugoslav national radio& TV building bombed:



Kosovo war drug lords and war criminals became Kosovo president

Carla del Ponte , the prosecutor on the international court for war crimes ion Yugoslavia discovered criminal human organs business, with organs taken from killed Serbs. The boss of the Kosovo drug and organ trafficing gang Hacim Thaci is today president of the two million inhabitants mini country, which however has a big importance for USA since his drug dealer connections can now be used to route the US Afghan opium worldwide with diplomatic luggage:



expelled Serbs, the first and real “ethnic cleansing” within Kosovo:



Faked “death camps” in Bosnia, to justify NATO-bombing in the self-inflicted bosnian war. An ITN freelance TV team got the order to proof the death camp rumors in Bosnia. They delivered by taking the camera into a nearby fence with gardening tools and chicken wire and filmed from within, the free refugees outside as “prisoners” calling the only “hunger man” to shoot this fake “death camp”-like foto – see the chicken wire:



Victims of NATO bombing:



Fake NATO-financed International criminal court in The Hague  with fake witnesses

Excellent video from the International criminal court where they brought a witness from the Serb secret service with already testified that Milosevic did try to cover events in Kosovo. Milosevic asked him, if he has been tortured in prison and bribed with new identity, live-long money for him and his family, he answered after a few seconds: yes, this is true. Milosevic asked if his testimony has been written by those who did torture him – he said: Yes this is the case. etc. etc.

Best part of “Milosevic innocent” video from the fake court 3:20 after the womans intro, it begings



some further victims of NATO bombing:





 These following pictures are from the bridge of Varvarin:

(contains very grafic pictures to show the reality of this war – do not go further when you can not stand it)



on the NATO bombed bridge of Varvarin:



Summary of NATO war against Yugoslavia

=== DRAFT ===

Key events
1991-USA plans wars against (all) former soviet client states:
3: 18  4:28  Fromer US Presidency candiate and 4 star General Wesley Clark reports from US defense ministry 1991: ” to clean out those soviet client regimes”:­ayer_detailpage#t=226s

The Hoax of the Death Camps in Bosnia:

Fraud called “Srebrenica Massacre”: watch?v=o_ac24F0opI

The small Srebrenica fake massacre see 3:20 ff
US-Revolution makers: